Reasons Why You May Still Be A Tenant

Do not bother to read this blog post if you have already bought a piece of land and have successfully built a house, commercial property and/or a farm on it! Why? Because you’re already a home owner or landlord.

However, my dear friend, here is my question to you though, ” Are you already a Home Owner or Landlord?  If your answer to the above question is a Yes, then I urge you to STOP reading right now because I did not write this blog post for you! But if your answer is a No, then this could probably be the most important blog post you’ll ever read from me on Real Estate Investing.

The next best thing you must do my dear friend after reading this blog post today is to take immediate action. Why? Because without this action, you may never be able to build your own house because inaction and ignorance could be the reasons why you may still be a Tenant.

Want to know the Main Reasons Why you may still be a Tenant as opposed to being a Home Owner or Landlord?  Then continue reading on.

Now, coming back to our topic of discussion today, the main reasons why you may still be a Tenant are as follows :


This is one of the reasons why you may still be a tenant because you haven’t yet made up your mind to become a home owner or landlord. The starting point of all achievement is ‘ Desire ‘. The desire to become a home owner or landlord. If your desire is strong enough and you decide to build your own house, nothing can stop you from achieving that goal. If you decide to become a home owner, you will be surprised as to how much speed you will take when it comes to building your own house.


Sometimes some fear can be good. When you are afraid that things are going to get worse if you don’t do something, it can prompt you into doing something about it. But it is not good when you are so afraid that the fear keeps you from doing something. Most people look at their current unpalatable financial situation and get discouraged and are afraid of attempting a great project like building a house of their own.

In my case, I started with a very small amount of money that enabled me to first of all buy a piece of land and then build it later. So, buy a piece of land with what you have at your disposal and then other stages will follow later. One good thing about building a house is that it is in stages!


This is another reason why many people never own or build their own houses. This is why I have endeavored to write this very blog post today to help you figure out what might have been holding you back.

Information is power. It is all you need to take that first step. If you lack information about something or a particular subject, you will gamble and gambling is terribly dangerous. Why? Because you’ll end up making costly mistakes that will result in you loosing your hard earned money.


This is another reason why some people are still tenants because they depend on Only one source of income and that is their jobs. Their income is not enough and they have not looked for alternative ways of supplementing their little income from their regular day jobs.

In fact, it has now become old fashioned to rely solely on one source of income these days. Try by all means possible to diversify your income sources. There are a number of things one can do to help increase the income levels like this part time business for instance  HERE.

This is a type of business that allows one to do it purely in your spare time without necessarily disturbing or stopping whatever one is currently doing. It actually helps people to multiply their income sources to enable them achieve their goals of either financial freedom or simply building their own dream house!


This is another reason why you may still be a tenant and why you may not yet have built your own home. Taking the wrong advice from the wrong people can be quite detrimental to your goal of building your own house. This is why you must mingle with people who will give you sound financial and real estate investment advice. If your associates are those people that already own their own houses, chances are that, they will also advise you on how to build and own your own house too.


This is another reason why people may postpone building their own houses because the channels of their expenses are so many and even the competing liabilities are also more than the income coming in.


Some people are so negative in their thinking and believe that it is not possible for them to buy land and build a house of their own. Also their fear of loosing their hard earned money through crooked land dealers is more than the pleasure associated with building and owning their own home. This can have such a paralyzing effect on one and make you become a nonentity in your life.

The key is to reverse this trend with caution in mind of course!


Others have this terrible habit of wanting to eat and enjoy NOW and then suffer the consequences later. In other words, they are not willing to sacrifice Now and pay the price of discipline of cutting one luxury for the sake of building and completing that dream house of theirs. They believe in eating now and leaving everything else to chance rather than careful planning.


To some, old man Procrastination has been the main reason. This is simply the habit of putting off something which is supposed to be done today for instance, to tomorrow or the other day. It has always been next year ” I will do something ” and before you know it, it is already three years and you have not yet taken steps to begin that something. Yet in that period, you could have built that house instead of wasting time procrastinating!


For some people, it is simply laziness. They are not ready to do that extra work or simply start that part time business that will help them earn extra income to buy land, build and finish their house. They will prefer watching television programs or football and/or engage themselves in other recreational activities like drinking beer the whole day than to engage themselves in some income generating projects like this one for instance  HERE.

11. AND FINALLY, the worst of all these reasons is the classic case of Waiting for the Right or Perfect Time to buy land, build and finish that house of your choice. Time will never be just Right or Perfect for you my dear friend. Start with whatever tools and financial resources you have right now at your command and then better tools will be found as you go along the way.

The Secret is to just START!

If you have realized like many people who have read this blog post that you need to buy a piece of land and build yourself a house of your own, then click HERE  for a detailed list of properties.

Hope you got blessed by this blog post. Looking forward to hearing from you.

I love to hear your comments, both positive and negatives ones. They make me improve my works!  So, go right ahead and drop a comment right here below.


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