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Fantastic Business Opportunity Worthy Exploiting

October 29, 2009

Meet David Kapalu

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Therefore, having said all that, “What Exactly Does This Business Involve Anyway?”, you might ask!

Well, this Fantastic Business Opportunity is according to Robert Kiyosaki, author of the most famous and best-selling book entitled Rich Dad, Poor Dad; a new and revolutionary way of achieving great wealth or riches. It is actually a very democratic way of wealth creation for anyone who has a dream, dedication and the drive to make it in life. It is a business opportunity which is open to anyone regardless of their race or sex, how good or bad looking they are, who their parents are, how popular or unpopular they are or how well educated or uneducated they are. It is a business opportunity which is open to anyone  willing to learn, to change and to develop themselves intellectually, financially and materially and to people who have the guts to stick it out through thick and thin whilst they learn to become successful business owners or entrepreneurs. It is a business that allows one to work for passive or residue income as opposed to reciprocal income which is entirely dependent on you doing something every time.

This Fantastic Business Opportunity Worthy Exploiting is a business distribution model (also known as Network-Marketing or Multi-Level Marketing) which is simply a method of providing goods and services to customers where the retail “middleman” has been replaced with a network of Independent Distributors or Franchised Individuals.

Instead of the profit going to the Retailers, it goes into the pockets of these Franchised Individuals and/or Customers who promote goods and services of the Company through Usage and Word-of-Mouth Recommendation.

But the other pertinent question you may be asking yourself  right now is,“How does this Business work and how do I make my Money or get paid for my effort of recommending the company’s products and services to other customers? Well, the answer is simple. There are two things you need to do to make your money and these are as follows:

1. BECOME A MEMBER AND A CUSTOMER YOURSELF– The very first thing you need to do is to become a Member of the Company and then a Customer Yourself. Its quite simple. As a customer yourself, you start buying your products or groceries from this Company instead of buying them at your current local store. You only buy the products you need for your own family to use- You buy NONE to sell to anyone!!

NOTE: Some people- like myself- still choose to buy products to re-sell and that’s possible BUT its NOT necessary anyway. If however, you are going to consider Retailing the Products to others, then I highly recommend that you set aside some time for training in Basic Sales and Marketing Skills. This is something I teach my Team Members including those that sign-up in the names of my Business Partners I’m currently working with in this Business.

Therefore, as you can see from the above explanation, there is no investment on your part. You don’t have to spend any new money-you simply buy ONLY what you need. You redirect the same money you’re already spending elsewhere anyway- to this new Company. So in fact by not taking advantage of this fantastic opportunity, you’re actually- right now- spending money, that instead could make you money.

2. REFER OTHERS TO THE COMPANY– The second thing you have to do to make your money is to REFER others to this Company so that they can also become Members and Customers themselves. Whenever you refer others to this company, you advise them to do the same, that is to say you advise them to buy ONLY the products they need for their family to use- NOT to Sell to anyone unless they WANT to do so themselves WILLINGLY!

And that’s how you make your money or get paid effortlessly because the company pays you a percentage of between 6% to 44% on everything the customers you referred to the company buy- from that point on.

Its a Very Clever Way of Doing Business Indeed! Its like a club of Consumers or Customers who get rewarded for referring other consumers. Do you get the picture? Its kind of what we like to call “Chilimba” in our Zambian local circles except that this time around it is coupled with the getting of real products and services as a Bonus from the Company for your own family use for the money that you have used or invested. But the Beauty of this business arrangement is that you are NOT just restricted to using or investing your money and using the Company’s products and services ONLY. You may also RE-SELL these products and services you get from the Company to other people at Retail Price if you LIKE that is, and still get back your money you used or invested plus some Retail Profit on top. However, this is something you get to do WILLINGLY if you’re the kind of a person who is not SHY at SELLING products to others!!

And whats more, you end up getting paid over and over for something you did ONLY ONCE! You get to create some Repeat Residue or Passive Income for yourself. Moreover, the Company not only pays you on the orders placed by the customers you refer to it but you ALSO get paid on the orders placed by your Referral’s Referrals!

For example: Suppose you referred David Kapalu and David Kapalu referred Pezo Chinyama, you’ll be paid a percentage of David Kapalu’s order AND a percentage of Pezo Chinyama’s order, and so on and so on, and the numbers keep on growing infinitely. Now, tell me, isn’t this a Very Clever Way of Making Money? Maybe Yes, Maybe Not. The answer depends on YOU!

But why does this Company do this and why does it distribute its products and services in this Way?

Again, the answer to the above question is simple. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on Marketing and/or Advertising like what other conventional businesses do, this Company pays its satisfied Customers like yourself to refer others. The Company instead puts its advertising dollars back into its customers’ pockets- the same customers that make it Profitable and Stable. This motivates the company’s customers to refer more and more people. This makes the company grow and expand and the customers eventually become loyal as they keep on buying products and services for their own use whilst referring others. This makes the company become even more successful resulting in YOU earning colossal Sums of Money on a regular monthly basis in terms of Repeat Residue or Passive Income for ever and ever.

And another reason this Company uses this distribution model for its products and services instead of the other Traditional Marketing and/or Advertising Methods is that it “Wants Access” to your Network, that is to say, your Network of Friends, Work-mates, Associates, Acquaintances, Fellow church members and/or your Immediate family members. In other words, the Company wants access to the network of people you know that otherwise on its own as a Company it would be impossible for it to reach them using traditional marketing methods.

So why does the Company need you? Like I earlier on alluded to, traditional marketing methods have or require companies to spend millions of dollars each year to market their products and services.

This Company knows therefore that Word-of-Mouth Recommendation is a far more powerful and effective method of marketing, especially, when that message comes from those whom we know and trust!!

And this Company is more than willing to pay you, to communicate this message of its products and services to your Network of Friends and Family.

However, it is extremely important to understand that this method of marketing is NOT about bugging or bothering your friends and family members, as many would love for you to believe. It is about your ABILITY and SKILL to determine from those individuals within your circle of influence who would be interested in the products, services or this very fantastic business opportunity this Multi-National Company offers. Got the idea?

Moreover, apart from what has been mentioned above, this fantastic business opportunity worthy exploiting has one or more of the following benefits:

a) PART-TIME EFFORT: This is a business opportunity that allows a person to do it on a part-time basis. You do not stop what you are currently doing unless you decide to do so willingly. You determine the time yourself when to do the business. In other words, you are your own boss. No rules or orders to be followed. You do it your own way.

b) NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED: You do not need any business experience to do this business. However, you do need some guidance in form of free training at your own time or pace. Remember, if you want to run a good race, you must train for it. The training can be in form of a series of emails known as Boot Camps or in person. All this training is done according to your own free time schedule. If on the other hand you do have the business experience, then that becomes an added advantage on one’s part.

c) MINIMAL CAPITAL REQUIRED: If business capital is an issue, then this is the business you’ve been searching for. Get me right on this please. I am not saying you do not need to have business capital to do this business. No. No. You actually do need some capital very much just like any other legitimate business out there if you have it that is. To be specific and in order to get started on a very good note,  you’ll need some minimal capital of  approximately $100 or K500 local Zambian kwacha currency equivalent! And in extreme cases where capital is an issue, you’ll ONLY need half of that which is actually $50 or a local Zambian currency equivalent of ONLY K250.

However,  you could actually DO this business literally without any capital at all. All it takes is a burning desire to do it. If you wish to know more about this, then please just get in touch with me and I’ll gladly explain everything to you for free. No strings attached!

But if you happen to have this initial capital in place, then it’s prudent that you put it to good use right away without wasting much time. You ONLY invest this initial capital ONCE and then you continue reaping the rewards forever provided you follow the business plan to the letter.

NOTE : Want to know how to raise Business Capital for your Business? Then continue reading on because I’ll show you a resource within this blog post where you can listen in to and/or download Two Audio Programs entitled, ” Sources of Business Capital” and another one entitled ” The Biblical Way of Raising Business Capital” to help you figure out how you can raise capital for your business.

d) LOW OR ZERO RISK BUSINESS: With this business, it is possible to have High Returns with Low or even Zero Risk. No headaches of losing out.

e) GLOBAL BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY: This is an international business opportunity. You get to do business with an internationally recognized company and its well accepted product brands. You can move from one country to another and still do this business without the hassle of obtaining trading permits from the respective countries. This is taken care of for you. All you do is develop your business.

f) YOU GET PAID WHAT YOU ARE WORTH: With this business model, you can determine right from the onset how much you would want to be paid per month. No more asking for salary adjustments or negotiations to have your pay raised.

g) OPPORTUNITY FOR INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL: You have a chance at least once in a year to explore the world at the expense of the company. Moreover, you also stand to receive other special awards such as Luxury Cars and Luxury Villas. These are given to you for FREE in recognition of your efforts for having connected many customers to the Company.

If however you don’t have the time to do this business but you happen to have the desire, I’ll show you a strategy exclusively for people without time where you don’t have to sell, tell and explain in person. The strategy I shall show you will do this for you 24/7. Nothing more, and nothing less.

If you are the kind of a person who is looking for such a business opportunity, then this is the opportunity you’ve been looking for.

For Frequently Asked Questions People Ask Me A Lot About This Very Business Opportunity, Then Please Click –>HERE!

Finally, I would like to end by quoting the following quotation, “If you can’t make money without money, then it’ll be probably difficult for YOU to make money with money”. The catch is to first of all learn how to make money without necessarily having any at all before you can actually make more money with money.

Here is what Napoleon Hill, author of the most popular and influential book of all times ” Think and Grow Rich” had to say about Capital or Money in his other book entitled, “ How To Sell Your Way Through Life” and I quote him,” All anyone really requires as Capital on which to start a Successful Career, is a Sound Mind, a Healthy Body and a Genuine Desire to be of as much service as possible to as many people as possible”.

If however, Business Capital is an issue on your part, then I urge you to listen in to and/or download my Audio Program Part 1 I did on Radio Yatsani together with Reverend Thomas Mwiinga- founder Member of Messengers of Christ Ministries and Reverend Isaac Mumba- a Pastor and Businessman himself. In this Audio Program, you will learn the Simplest Ways of Sourcing Business Capital. You will also learn the Basics of Business Investment every Entrepreneur must know of before starting any business venture. Know these basics and you’ll be on your way to extreme business success. Ignore them and you’re rest assured to fail lamentably regardless of which business you’re involved in! Click HERE to listen in right now or download the audio program onto your personal computer and then listen in to it later while you relax in the comfort of your home.

Alternatively, Listen in to and/or download yet another Audio Program Part 2 entitled “The Biblical Way of Raising Business Capital”. This audio program discusses a certain Man in the Bible who had literally NOTHING in terms of Material Possessions and/or Money BUT ended up becoming Wealthy or Rich using ONLY but TWO THINGS you already have right now! Find out for yourself what these two things are and how you may apply them too, to your own current situation today by either listening in to and/or downloading this audio program as well HERE!

If after listening to these Two Audio Programs you still have any questions or doubts, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me directly. I shall answer your questions and/or doubts personally and clarify anything you wish clarified.

To get the Full and Complete scoop of this very Fantastic Business Opportunity including the Frequently Asked Questions people ask me a lot, then please click –> HERE.

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