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How To Use Facebook For Business Effectively

August 18, 2011

To help you promote your business and/or products and services effectively on Facebook so that You can make more sales and profits – and because I believe so much of what’s out there talking about Facebook Marketing in terms of courses and training is either junk or half the story – I wish to recommend to you the bullets for why the following course is THE COURSE for anyone that is really serious about learning how to advertise and/or market their stuff on Facebook…..profitably!

My highly successful Internet Marketing Trainer and Coach, Perry Marshall working together with his collegue Tom Meloche who happens to be a Facebook Marketing Expert, looked at every course they could find on Facebook Marketing and discovered that most of them are either outdated or they’re really just one tactic designed to teach You a neat but simple tactic that’s such a small piece of the funnel.

Tom and Perry have identified that there are Five (5) key stages of a successful Facebook Marketing funnel that must be set up correctly or else the profitability of your business plummets and You – the marketer – ends up thinking ” Oh, Facebook doesn’t work “.

Well, it does work, my dear friend and entrepreneur – it’s just that it’s very different from these other advertising and/or marketing channels like Google Adwords, for instance. And almost no one does all these 5 steps correctly.

But, Why Now this very particular Course – You might ask? Well, dear Online Marketer, Facebook has made several major changes and additions that makes any training on Facebook older than 30 days old effectively incomplete, even flat out wrong.

Why Tom? Tom’s cracked the code and just as importantly, he’s put together a step by step training program designed to make it quick to learn and simple to follow – no matter how ” green ” someone is.

Tom spoke to a packed room at Perry’s Adwords Elite Masters conference and held the room spellbound while he revealed nugget after nugget of vital advertising insights to make Facebook ” work ” in ways that no one else understands or is talking about.

Is this course I’m recommending for everyone? It’s probably for 75-85% of the marketers and business owners out there – including the ones that say “ I tried Facebook and it just didn’t work for me “.

Perry Marshall and Tom Meloche researched into the Facebook sales funnels of everyone in Perry’s audience that said ” yeah Facebook is not for my audience ” and almost without exception – they had glaring errors in one of the 5 critical steps.

The Bottom line is :

– Most people don’t know what they don’t know about Facebook

– There’s a lot of quick training schemes masquerading as effective training courses that only work for You and won’t work forever

– For anyone that wants to really know how to make Facebook advertising work, Tom’s course is the best investment You’ll ever make.

Just click  HERE to have a feel of the FREE sample before you actually invest your hard earned money on the entire recommended course!

Or, alternativevely, if you don’t want to waste time, You could simply click  HERE  to buy now!

Hope You like it!

If You happen to have any questions or queries, then simply drop me an email @, or Call or Sms me on my cell +260 977 805045  for any clarifications.

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Well, See and Read for Yourself the reasons why HERE!