How To Find or Identify Flexible Sellers of Real Estate Property

Before you can have a look at the different types of properties available for sale, I thought you might be interested in knowing how to locate flexible sellers of real estate property. I actually learn’t these tips from a gentleman known as Robert Allen who happens to be a very successful real estate investor and business coach.

Many of us dream of owning our own home, farm, virgin land or simply a piece of real estate property but find it quite problematic or expensive. Owning a piece of real estate starts and ends in our dreams. We never visualize ourselves owning property. And for those of us that do, we find ourselves with little or no money at all to afford to buy the property of our dreams.

Therefore, what is someone supposed to do in this case?

Well, here is my recommendation: buying or investing in real estate requires a series of interrelated skills. Finding properties where one can bargain or negotiate properly and effectively is one of the most important of these skills- in many ways the most important. The crucial point to remember when looking for properties on sale is to learn to develop your ability to identify sellers who are highly motivated to sell – who must sell- as opposed to those for whom it would be desirable and useful to sell. Therefore, if you want to buy or invest your money in real estate, the first thing you need to do is to find the right kind of seller and then the right kind of property. Infact, clever buyers or clever real estate investors tend to look first for the motivated sellers before they go too far in analyzing the properties.

But the next logical question you may be asking yourself is, “Who really is a Motivated Seller?”

Well, Motivated Sellers go by a variety of names such as flexible, anxious, “don’t wanters”, etc. These are people who want to sell their real estate property or holding so badly and as fast as possible that they will be very flexible in price and/or their terms and conditions. But they all have one thing in common: they want you to solve some major problem for them. It might be that they are being transferred and must therefore hurry and sell. Or they might have personal problems such as a serious illness or a divorce that is forcing them to sell. Alternatively, they may be motivated by financial pressures or find income-property ownership not to their liking. Whatever their reason, you can appear to them and negotiate a good deal with them.

The opposite of these Motivated Sellers or Flexible Sellers as they are sometimes called are known as Inflexible Sellers. These are sellers who are not in a hurry to sell and are so rigid in their terms and conditions that they are not willing to bargain or negotiate. These are actually sellers who must be avoided at all costs because they might end up selling you property at an exorbitant price which you may live to regret afterwards. Try by all means in the first place to locate or identify flexible or motivated sellers of property. The trick is to be persistent in your search efforts. If you cannot find these flexible sellers on your own, then try to engage the services of reputable real estate agents to assist you. There are so many reputable real estate agents out there.

Key Points To Consider When Locating  Flexible Sellers of Real Estate Property

1. Great real estate deals come from a small percentage of sellers.

2.  Locating or finding the right sellers is as important as finding the right property.

3. The more you know of a flexible seller’s true motivation or his true reason of selling property, the better chance you’ll have of concluding a good deal with him.

4. Seller Flexibility could be a sign of something wrong. Make sure the property you are looking at doesn’t have any problems or complications before you actually close the deal.

5. Flexible Sellers can be found in a variety of places, some easier to discover than others: For instance Newspaper Classified Adverts.

6. As a real estate buyer or investor, you are a problem solver. As you solve the flexible seller’s problem, you’ll be benefitting both of you.

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12 Responses to “How To Find or Identify Flexible Sellers of Real Estate Property”

  1. Samusale Says:

    Thanx a billion for the wonderful tips. I really appriciate for the knowledge shared. Is the chelstone house already taken? if so find me a house for rent below a million.

  2. Walusiku Nalishuwa Says:

    Thanks for the excellent mind refreshing article. Well written and from now on i will be a regular on your blog.One other thing i have been on the financial freedom road for quite some time now. I feel there is something am not doing well. I will communicate to you later. Stay blessed!

  3. David Kapalu Says:

    Thanks Walu for your comments! Chall.

  4. teddy Says:

    Thank you My Business Friend.

    Its great to know that you are researching So much.

    God bless you.

  5. Gymncrync Says:

    I just couldn’t resist and want to thank you for this magnificent post. I even wrote a blog post about it here

  6. best slots Says:

    I’ve never learned so much from any other blog post. Really enjoyed reading this today.

  7. frackson kasuko Says:

    i have been reading the messages you send to me with interest and passion.most of the people especially the youths have resigned themselves to failure waiting for something to fall from heaven or somekind of financial miracle to happen.i have come to understand oflate that succes and progress happens when you take a step to do something to generate income,whether cleaning toilets,washing cars,sweeping the streets or anything.opportunities are within our enviroment,i will never go to america or britain to clean the aged while i can do something here.the other thing is that people lucky information,thats why we are always blaming someone for our failure.let us wakeup and do something.i am currently in trading and farming.i hope to meet you so that we can discus busnes.REMEMBER JUST PRAYING AND FASTING IS NOT ENOUGH.God bless

  8. flashuac Says:

    Very interesting post! 🙂

  9. Tembi Simuchoba Says:

    Dear David,
    It is so refreshing to read your blog. I am a lady who has just decided to go into the Lusaka property market and I am finding this very exciting. I would like to meet up with you and have a chat.
    Since I have your number will call you.
    Regards Lady T

  10. Lykando Says:

    wow, interesting stuff!!!!

  11. Tembi Simuchoba Says:

    Brilliant piece please keep it up. It is said that knowledge is power!
    I am interested in property in Avondale and Chelton areas so whenever you have anything do look me up.

    Lady- T

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