Frequently Asked Questions


Without doubt the challenging part of my “job” is answering all the questions I get from people. I get literally  a number of inquiries a day, so I created this page with answers to the commonly or frequently asked questions.

If however you received a link to this webpage, then please don’t feel like you were brushed off…I reserve my phone time for coaching my team members as well as talk to ONLY those Individuals that have invested and taken their time to read through this very exhaustive list of commonly asked questions. I therefore encourage you to read through this list of frequently asked questions with your undivided attention to make sure that you and me are on the same wave-length when we meet in person or when we happen to discuss this same business opportunity with you via the phone!!

Here then is a list of the frequently asked questions and the answers:

-“What is this fantastic business opportunity worthy exploiting all about?”

-“What kind of business arrangement or industry is this?”

-“Do I need to stop what I’m currently doing in order to do this business?”

-“Do I need to have any business capital to do this business?”

-“What exactly are the products and services being offered?”

-“Is there enough demand for these kinds of products and services being offered by this Company in question?”

-“What do I need to do in order to get started with this business?”

-“What is this fantastic business opportunity worthy exploiting all about?

This fantastic business opportunity worthy exploiting is all about Dynapharm Group of Companies originally from Malaysia.

But the next logical question you may be asking yourself is,”Who exactly is the Founder of this very Dynapharm Group of Companies?

Well, Dynapharm Group of Companies is a Network-marketing Company started by a man known as Oi Ho Chooi a Malay Tycoon and Investor. The holding company has ten different companies under its umbrella. The Dynapharm Group of Companies manufactures and distributes a wide variety of products that include among others; healthy water purifiers, beauty and cosmetics, home care products, consumable products like tea, coffee etc, diet & weight management products, mental/physical/sexual health products, nutraceutical and even agricultural products like liquid organic fertilizers.

For more information about this company and how it all started click-> HERE.

It is perhaps important to stress here that you will not be working for any-0ne nor for this very Multi-National Company but you will be in this Business for yourself and not by yourself. In other words, this will be your Own Independent Business which you can register if you like that is but this may not be necessary anyway. You will be operating as a Franchised Individual Business FREE from any kind of orders from any one! And the best part is that you will not be alone but you will receive the necessary support from the Main Company namely Dynapharm International and myself in terms of marketing materials for your own independent part-time business .

-“What kind of business arrangement or Industry is this?

This kind of business arrangement or Industry is known as Multi-Level Marketing or Network-Marketing. These two terminologies are used synonymously. This is simply a method of providing goods and services to customers where the retail “middleman” has been replaced with a network (group) of independent distributors or individuals. Instead of the retail profit going to the retailer, it goes into the pockets of the independent distributors or individuals. It is based on “word of mouth” and any business that manufactures quality products recognizes the power of this form of promotion. To understand how effective “word of mouth” is, think of the last time you bought something that you really liked…. a piece of clothing or jewellery, some new furniture or perhaps a new car. You probably brought it up in your conversation with others. You may even have told them where you bought it! The fact is every day of our lives we promote other people’s businesses without getting paid for it. In this type of business arrangement, they’ve simply taken the word-of-mouth process and attached a reward of money and other benefits to it if a sale results. The pay-out in terms of commission ranges from 6% to 44%. Moreover, there is also an opportunity of earning some residue income for work done once. This is where you get paid by the company over and over for work you did once!!

-“Do I need to stop what I’m currently doing in order to do this business?

No. You don’t have to stop whatever you are currently doing in order to do this business. You may do this business in three (3) ways. And these are as follows;

 1. You may do this business from Home/Office using your personal computer and phone with internet connectivity.

2. You may do it one-on-one or face-to-face if you have enough  and plenty time on your side.

3. You may do it by inviting people to the Business Presentation Meetings held at certain selected places near your home.

Or if you like, you may combine these three (3) ways.  In all these circumstances you may do this business either on a part-time basis or on a full time basis depending on your time schedule. There are no strict 08.00 to 17.00hrs rules to be followed. You get to determine your own time of doing the business without necessarily distracting your other programs.

-“Do I need to have any Business Capital to do this Business?

Yes and No!! If business capital is an issue, then this is the business you’ve been looking for. Get me right on this please. I’m not saying you do not need to have business capital to do this business. NO. NO. You actually do need some capital very much just like any other legitimate business out there if you have it that is. To be specific and in order to get started on a very good note,  you’ll need some minimal capital of  approximately $100 or K5oo local Zambian kwacha currency equivalent! And in extreme cases where capital is an issue, you’ll ONLY need half of that which is actually $50 or a local Zambian currency equivalent of ONLY K250.

However for those without capital there is a strategy they can employ that will enable them to DO this business literally without any capital at all. All it takes is a burning desire to do it. If you wish to know more about this, then please get in touch with me and I’ll gladly explain everything to you for free. No strings attached!

But if you happen to have this initial capital in place, then it’s prudent that you put it to good use right away without wasting much time. You ONLY invest this initial capital ONCE and then you continue reaping the rewards forever provided you follow the business plan to the letter.

Or, alternatively if Business Capital is an issue on your part, then I urge you to listen in to and/or download my Audio Program I did on Radio Yatsani together with Reverend Thomas Mwiinga- founder Member of Messengers of Christ Ministries and Reverend Isaac Mumba- a Pastor and Businessman himself. In this Audio Program Part 1, you will learn the Simplest Ways of Sourcing Business Capital. You will also learn the Basics of Business Investment every Entrepreneur must know of before starting any business venture. Know these basics and you’ll be on your way to extreme business success. Ignore them and you’re rest assured to fail lamentably regardless of which business you’re involved in! Click  to  listen in right now-> HERE or download the audio program onto your personal computer and then listen in to it later while you relax in the comfort of your home.

Alternatively, Listen in to and/or download yet another Audio Program Part 2 entitled “The Biblical Way of Raising Business Capital”. This audio program discusses a certain Man in the Bible who had literally NOTHING in terms of Material Possessions and/or Money BUT ended up becoming Wealthy or Rich using ONLY but TWO THINGS you already have right now! Find out for yourself what these two things are and how you may apply them too, to your own current situation today by either listening in to and/or downloading this audio program as well-> HERE!

If after listening to these Two Audio Programs you still have any questions or doubts, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me directly. I shall answer your questions and/or doubts personally and clarify anything you wish clarified.

-“What exactly are the Products and Services being offered?

The Products involve the following:

1. Health Care Herbal Remedies which are divided into three (3) main categories namely;

(a)    Cleansers and Detoxifiers,

(b)   Nutritional or Food Supplements,

(c)    Immune Boosters and/or Anti-Aging Products,

2. Cosmetics and/or Beauty Products,

3. Home Care Goods,

4. Agricultural Products and/or Liquid Fertilizers,

5. Diet and Weight Management.

1(a).  DETOXIFIERS: These are herbal products that help to detoxify or cleanse the body of harmful impurities such as Free Radicals. Free radicals are atoms with an odd number of electrons, and arise normally during our metabolism. Due to the unpaired electron, they are highly reactive and readily interact with other compounds causing oxidation (rusting). When they react with the body’s cellular membrane or DNA they may cause irreversible damage, which can accelerate cell death and can lead to cancer and many other diseases. Free radicals are the bad guys and if left unchecked they will cause serious damage to your body’s cellular make-up. And therefore the best products to get rid of these free radicals or oxidants as they are sometimes called are Detoxifiers and/or Fruits and Vegetables. Why is this so? Because these detoxifiers and fruits and vegetables contain what are known as Anti-Oxidants. Anti-Oxidants are the molecules that safely scavenge these free radicals, neutralizing them before they cause any cellular damage. The main anti-oxidants are vitamins E and C and Beta-Carotene. The body can’t manufacture these micronutrients so they must be supplied in the diet. You should get enough anti-oxidants in your diet if you eat five to eight portions of fruits and vegetables per day. But the question we should ask ourselves is,”Do we manage to eat five to eight portions of fruits and vegetables per day?” The answer is definitely NO due to our busy work schedule, expensive city life and our lifestyle in general. And this is why we need these detoxifiers in our day to day life to help us get rid of these harmful impurities from our body system. Moreover, most of the foods that we eat nowadays are genetically modified making it even worse for our bodies. For more on this see: Men’s Health Magazine July, 2008 Issue, page 46, article entitled,”Pills of Wisdom” by Doctor Craig Roberts (A General Medical Practitioner and Team Doctor for the Springboks Team, South-Africa). Or simply visit this particular website by clicking-> HERE for examples of detoxifiers.

(b). NUTRITIONAL/FOOD SUPPLEMENTS: As mentioned in the previous paragraph, most of the foods that we eat nowadays are genetically modified making it hard for our bodies to get the required and rightful quantities of nutrients. For example, the hybrid chickens that most of us love so much because they are cheap and economical have their genetic body make-up tempered with. Instead of the chick taking three (3) to six (6) months to mature, it now takes only two (2) to three (3) weeks to do that. This means the chicken is no longer natural and as a consequence does not contain the natural nutrients beneficial for our bodies. Moreover, it contains more chemicals making it highly toxic. This therefore increases the need for food supplementation in order to cater for nutritional deficiencies in our bodies as a result of the food that we normally eat. As an illustration, see what Kim Otteby, a Nutritionist and Regular Columnist in the Sunday Post Newspaper dated 7th December, 2008 in an article entitled,” On anti-depressants for a Year”, paragraph 11 had to say and I quote her,” It is also really important to pay attention to what you eat so that you avoid nutritional deficiencies (which unfortunately are extremely common). A deficiency of any single nutrient can alter brain function and lead to depression, anxiety and other mental disorders. Infact deficiencies of a number of nutrients are quite common in depressed individuals. The most common being folic acid, vitamin B12 and vitamin B6. However, since there may be other nutrients as well, I recommend that instead of supplementing with very specific nutrients, you rather take a broad-spectrum nutritional supplement. Personally I always prefer using natural plant-based nutritional supplements instead of synthetic formulations. Natural food-based supplements (e.g barley grass, wheat grass, moringa, chlorella, spirulina, etc.) are absorbed and assimilated much better by the body. In addition, they contain thousands of beneficial enzymes, anti-oxidants and phyto-nutrients.”

As you can see from the above quotation, the need for natural food supplementation is now something that we can’t do without. If we want to prevent or simply avoid certain health problems like depression or even cancer, we definitely need to supplement our food lest we fall sick. For examples of Nutritional Supplements click->  HERE.

(C). IMMUNE BOOSTERS: As earlier alluded to in the previous paragraph, the high toxicity in the food we eat on a daily basis makes our body’s immune system extremely weak. And when our immune system is weak, we start to experience a number of health related problems very often. Even the slightest flu can give a person serious health complications. This therefore increases the need for us to boost up our immune system by taking these natural immune boosters. The good thing about these natural immune boosters is that they can be taken even when someone isn’t really sick! Infact the best time to take these boosters is now when one is still feeling healthy in order to help prevent disease. As they say, prevention is better than cure!! For examples of these natural immune boosters you may click->HERE.

2. COSMETICS, BEAUTY & PERSONAL CARE PRODUCTS: You may have a look at the full range of beauty and personal care products by clicking->HERE.

3. HOME CARE : You may also see these-> HERE.


5. DIET AND WEIGHT MANAGEMENT PRODUCTS: See and Click->HERE or Simply See and Click-> HERE to DOWNLOAD and get a FULL and DETAILED PRODUCT LIST or CATALOG for ALL the above mentioned products the Company manufactures!

-“Do these Health Care Herbal Remedies have any side effects and can someone combine them with conventional medication?”

This is a question whose answer is treated with delicacy! First things first. These products are not medicines but are merely health supplements and do not replace a Doctor’s prescription. These products are 100% natural, and use with any other medicines will not result in overdose. These products are good for preventing sickness rather than curing it. However, there are instances where someone’s health condition has been treated. Note that there is a difference between treating a disease and curing it. Treating is simply managing a health problem to a point where someone is able to lead a normal life again such as going back to work or doing what other healthy people are able to do. Whereas Curing means completely eliminating a health problem never to show up again unless the person finds himself in circumstances which caused the health problem (e.g Finding yourself in a mosquito infested area will increase the chances of getting infected with the malaria parasite causing you to fall sick again).

These products do not have any side effects but have what we like to call improvement signs.

-“Are these Products Certified by the Ministry of Health for Human Consumption?

Definitely Yes!! These Health Care Herbal Remedies have been certified by the Zambian Ministry of Health. If however for any reason you have any doubts about these products, then you are strongly advised and encouraged to visit the Company’ s local Zambian Head Office situated at Down Town Shopping Mall, Kamwala Area, Shop No. F 29, F31 and F 32, along Kafue Road, Lusaka, Zambia, to verify these claims for yourself. It is better to be 100% sure when it comes to consuming products you don’t know about than to take them with doubts. Or alternatively you may visit any one of the Dynapharm Local Shops near you for clarification. Or if you like, you may go to the Zambian Ministry of Health and find out for yourself!

-“Is there enough demand for these kinds of Products and Services being offered by this Company in question?

Yes!! These products have an absolutely all year round demand as long as you know how to present yourself to the masses out there. If you don’t know how to do this, then please just get in touch with me and I’ll gladly show you how to do it using FREE and PAID Sales and Marketing Strategies that will generate an endless demand for these products. These Sales and Marketing Strategies I shall show you do not involve personal selling, telling or even explaining unless you decide to do so willingly! I use these strategies myself and they are definitely working for me. Not only do I use these marketing strategies in this business alone but I also use them in my other alternative businesses. These strategies are universal!! They have taken me close to two (3) years of constant tweaking, testing and improving before finally cracking the code. You will have the chance of learning and using them for free when you sign-up in my name or indeed in the names of my business partners I’m currently working with. Moreover, the sales and marketing strategies I shall show you will definitely make you become the hunted instead of the hunter. For more on this, you may contact me directly on +260 977 805045 / +260 966 388525 /+260 955 168754 or email me at or alternatively contact the person who referred you to this particular page.

“What do I need to do in order to get started with this business?

All you need to do in order to get started with this business is simply to register yourself by filling- in an Application Form  found HERE and paying $50 or K250 (Kwacha Equivalent) to the Main Company namely Dynapharm Group of Companies. Your application will then be processed and once it is ascertained that You qualify, it will be approved. The approval of your application comes along with some sample products for you to sample.  If on the other hand You do not qualify for whatever reasons, You shall be communicated to immediately and have your $50 (K250) refunded right away!

You may do this at any Dynpharm Local Specialty Shop dotted around the country and the world. You MUST be referred by someone who is already a member of Dynapharm for you to be registered as a Member. And in this case, by Me. Simply get in touch with me and I’ll be able to provide you with my Unique International Membership Identity Number  which you can use for registration and sponsorship purposes!! 

And once your application is approved, you will then be given the Global Business Starter Kit explaining how the whole business actually works and your own Unique International Membership Identity Number specifically assigned to you ONLY. This Number is universal meaning you can use it anywhere in the world to purchase Dynapharm Products at member price (Wholesale Price).

Moreover, you can also use this same Unique International Membership Identity Number to build this business from any part of the world provided Dynapharm as a Company is there.

Also, you can start earning yourself commission or bonuses of between 6% to 44 %  when you buy products as a member besides the retail profit you make when you sell something to others including earning some repeat residue income from the people you introduce to this very business opportunity in your own name.

NOTE : If  You happen to live within Lusaka and Copper-belt Provinces in the Republic of Zambia, Central Africa or nearby Surrounding Areas, then You may contact me directly on my mobile phone. See the contact details below. This will make it possible for You and Me to meet in person and help You with the whole Application and Registration Process as well as answer any other questions, doubts, worries, or concerns You might have on a one -on – one basis!

If on the other hand you happen to live anywhere else in Zambia or indeed anywhere else in the world, I also strongly encourage you to get in touch with me using any one of my contact details provided herein and I’ll be able to advice you accordingly on where to go exactly to get registered.

IMPORTANT NOTE : For those people that would like to take advantage of this fantastic business opportunity and would love to work with me, I strongly recommend that they be people who are highly creative and innovative, have attention to detail and do not accept defeat or loosing easily. People who love taking calculated business risks and not someone who is scared to death of taking any challenges in life. Someone who is highly optimistic always looking at the positive side of things and not the negative side. Someone who has the business acumen and has the knack for spotting business opportunities. An initiator and not someone who is always waiting to be told what to do. And lastly but not the least, someone who has an intense desire in Wealth Creation and Investing as well as helping others succeed in life. I’m not interested in working with JUST EVERYONE! I’m interested in people with the Right Mindset!

If  you are someone who thinks you have what it takes to succeed and you happen to meet the above mentioned requirements, then you are FREE to contact me and use my name as your personal sponsor as well as my Dynapharm  Sponsor Identity Number on your Application Form. You may get this application form at any Dynapharm Local and International Shop near you for free. For those that apply using my name and number, or indeed using the names and numbers of my business partners I’m currently working with in this very business, they will get this application form for  FREE HERE.

Or, alternatively just get in touch with me directly on : +260 977 805045 / +260 966 388525 / +260 955 168745  for Details on how to go about the whole application and registration process.  Or, email me at :


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